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* Do Not Ever Use Byethost.c0m!
Do Not Ever Use Byethost.c0m!

* These people know nothing about web programing.. or at least their support doesn't at all.
* These people are real dumb asses I assure you that. Do not ever use byethost!


* My sites were suspended last week.. for no reason at all.
- They Said: Some ddos crap was detected in post.php
(That's part of this forum you dumb ass byethost!)

Which was originally installed via their own install script: Softaculous!
- I said it was probably the same problem as last time.. and it was.
... someone clicked the preview button or something too many times..
And their Gay ass auto detect script threw up a flag.

As it has done in the past several times in over the years.
Matter of fact.. it even did that On MySelf.. when I clicked Preview Post once.
and even Once when someone just posted the word DDOS. lol.. what some losers byethost are. lol!
I managed to get it back online back then...... sure.. I was a bit nicer back then.
.. and I also needed a host back then.

But this time...? uhhh.. nawww... not today pimp.
I have very little patience in explaining things to dumb asses that don't know shit about php programming.
So I may have kinda went off and told them the hell off and of how stupid they are. lol!
Probably because I was planning on running my own web servers anyway.. they only sped up the process.
I gave them 2 chances.. of nice and explanations. after that.. I went the hell off. lol..

I mean really though...
* WHY in the hell would I ddos my own dam site? exactly my point. right there.
+ I would not.. and nor would any other web programmer in the world!
... for if I wanted my sites to be down.. I'll just delete it! Duh!

So yeah. byethost = dumb asses indeed! Never ever use byethost!

* NOTE: If that ever happens to you. (And it will.. if u use byethost!)
+ Just tell them your going to get a lawyer and sue. which I still may just for fun.
+ AND they will cough up ALL of your files in about 3.2 seconds.
- and indeed they did... their lucky they did.. I tell ya what.

freaking ddos my own sites.. really? yeah that's what I do.. I work on sites for years and then ddos my own shit. LOLOL!
Yeah.. that makes perfect since yeah?.. NOT! LOL! Dam their so fkin stupid!


* I WON... ALL My sites are up and running. wat dat do!
+ I am my own host now.. I don't need byethost dumb asses any longer!
Dancing Banana! in your face byethost... with a big ol fat one in your mouth. lol!

* Bookmark these urls here:

* And NOTE to the Script Kiddies..yeah I see you little punks...
* Don't bother scanning my ip for server exploits.. it's defaulted to the lotd server list site. ;-) lol!
- But yeah.. me gonna have a bit of fun with them soon.. hehehe.. ahhh yeah.. LOL!
- There's bees a nice honey pot trap for them soon indeed lol! hahahaha! hehehe...
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